Scheduled Jobs Fail to Execute After IIS AppPool Recycle

I was having performance issues with PSU where it would eventually consume all RAM available on the system. As a workaround I would periodically recycle the IIS AppPool on my own during the day and things would keep on working. However, I tried to setup an automatic IIS AppPool recycle during a 2hr window where jobs are not scheduled to run. The issue is now some of the daily/weekly jobs are not running. There are no warnings/failures, literally the script execution doesn’t happen. Does recycling the AppPool cause Hangfire or other PSU components to not start clean again? Anecdotally if I open the admin console after restarting the AppPool jobs work without issue.


Daily Job 01:

Daily Job 02:

Weekly Job (two missed executions):


Looks like the logs are showing the same behavior. AppPool recycle causes PSU to cease function until someone attempts to login to the web interface (or at least that’s what triggers it in my findings):

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.8.1


i have PSU hosted on IIS as well but i wont use AppPool recycle i recommend you create a script to stop AppPool wait like 30 sec and then start AppPool and create a scheduled task to run the script this is best practice based on research and experience.

I’ll give that a shot.