Remove blank space between header and dashboard


I can’t for the life of me figure out why there is this blank space. I swear it wasn’t there before. I have tried creating a completely new dashboard with just one New-UDCard and nothing else. It’s still displayed blow the blank space. Any tips?

2.6.0 added padding to the dashboard.

I’m sure it can be modified, like most anything else in the themes. But you’ll have to wait for someone smarter, like @psDevUK or @adam to show up.

you can read more on the ‘beautification’ of 2.6.0 here: I think the padding is mentioned earlier on.

Though, I will point out that it looks a bit excessive in your screenshot. Do you have a lot of Rows and columns defined around tor controls? each of those adds padding.

Hey. No I don’t. And I tried with just one New-UDColumn and adding a New-UDCard in there. The padding is the same :frowning:

Thanks for the info, though!

Hello @hammena so if you are using a theme, then you can add this modified bit as an additional theme

  'main' = @{
                'padding-left' = "50px"
                'padding-right' = "50px"
                'padding-top' = "30px"
                'padding-bottom' = "50px"

info on how to do this is here:-
This will then remove the “blank space” at the top of the dashboard. Hope this helps

Hey. Thanks for the help. I had to set these values to get what I wanted.

'main' = @{
        'padding-left'   = "2px"
        'padding-right'  = "2px"
        'padding-top'    = "30px"
        'padding-bottom' = "30px"

Still looks a bit weird when I added another row and chart but I don’t know if I have the energy to troubleshoot.


Hello @hammena this I believe is down to the “padding” on the card. I am pretty sure grids are nested in a card so adds extra padding…but off the top of my head its the padding settings you want to play about with…I was all new to this css malarky but you can test real-time just changing the settings in the browser when you right click and inspect elements, I don’t mean too sound to tell you basic stuff if you know it already just I didnt as didn’t know really anything on HTML stuff before UD came into my life. Peace