Refresh grind or UDModal is it possible?

I have the latest version of PSU etc.
And when a user push a button they get up a UDModal and inside that Modal I have some UDGrinds with data inside of them.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to push a putton to refresh the content inside the grind or modal? I can’t figure it out. I can’t assing -Id “Text” to the UDModal either then I get a error message.


look at this blog post from adam:

The key is to use Sync-UDElement and New-UDDynamic. But that is well described
in the blog.

That’s just sync I want to refresh the grid or modul only.

you cannot refresh a modal because the modal is like a popup element, what you need to do is to wrap your code inside the modal with new-uddynamic or new ud element with an ID so in this case if you have a refresh button you can refresh the content inside the dynamic or element you wrap your code inside.

Thanks, how do I trigger the refresh with the refreshbutton after I have put everything inside the modul insida a new-udelement -id ‘test’ -content {


what’s the code to trigger it that I should write under the -OnClick ?

use sync-udelement the id of the element inside the onclick of the button.

nvm, It did work with the new-uddynamic and not the new-udelement. Thanks!

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