Raw Body in Rest API

I have a Rest API that I’m using as a server for a Slack App. I’m attempting to verify requests from Slack using their methods, which involves constructing a hash based on a timestamp they send in a header (which I’m able to obtain no problem) combined with the Raw Body they send. This last piece is the part I’m having trouble with, as it looks like everything is deserialized behind the scenes (which normally is awesome).

It looks like the $Request variable is made available, and the Forms parameter of this is what gets parsed into the parameters for Endpoints. $Request.Body does not provide the information required either.

Thanks for any help!

Hey @mgeorgebrown89! Welcome to the UD forums!

I’m trying to figure out what you’re trying to get a hold of exactly. It sounds like you want the raw body. That should be available as a string variable $body. If slack is sending the data as form data, then each element of the form would have been parsed an an individual value. You can see how UD does that here.

This is where UD processes the raw data by passing in the body. You can see it reads the body as a string and adds a $body variable.

Hmm. Well, I thought I tried $body, but I’ll look at it again and see.