Question/Advice about Javascript/NodeJS in Dashboards (Apps)

Hi Everybody,

I have been using PowerShell Universal for over a year now and I am still very impressed by how easy it is to create apps. I have already created many apps and have had great success with all of them.

Now, I have a use case where I am trying to create a form. PSU apps have a lot of elements for this, like date pickers,inputs,dropdowns and by using an HTML template with an HTMLtoPDF module, everything works nicely. However, the catch is that one of the requirements is for the person to sign the form, and in PSU, there is no signature or drawing field.

I read that it’s possible to integrate some JavaScript in various ways, and I wanted to know from someone who has experience with it, what or how would be the best way to implement something like signature_pad or simillar into a dashboard/app.

Thanks in advance!

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.4.6