PSUCache and Nested Objects not working

So, I have been beating my head on this all day. I have a script that runs hourly to pull in Computer Object data from an API. It loads it into a PSUCache object using Set-PSUCache.

The Dashboard then pulls that information in and displays it in a table without issue. However, today I attempted to add a Nested object from the cached object and have had zero success. As far as I can tell, the nested object does not get stored into cache or it just comes out empty.

When I attempt to access the nested object such as “$AllComputers.ComputerProperties.CPU” I get nothing. I have tried the Table Property, using the Render option, and finally trying to access it from the dashboard console. Every option returns nothing.

However, when I switch the table to using an active API call to pull the data live into an active object it works perfectly. I just do not want to do this as that is hitting my API limit.

Is there any other way to check the server cache and see if the nested object is still there? Or is it known if the Set-PSUCache cmdlet will even work with nested objected when it writes and retrieves it?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.1.7