PSU can't read variables from PSUSecretStore vault in Linux

I use PSU on LXC with Debian 10.
I try to create endpoint and read variable with PSCredential from PSUSecretStore vault.
I use this code to read variable:
New-PSUApiResponse -StatusCode 200 -Body "Test env $poshcred"
Unfortunately i recieve an empty value from variable.
When i try to read secret “poshcred” directly from PSUSecretStore vault, i get exatly the value that i stored in the variable.
Can you please expain what is a problem with reading variable value in endpoint?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.2.7
PS version 7.2.6
OS Version Debian 10
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Same Problem here.
I’ve tested Ubuntu Versions 18.04 and 20.04.
Same Problem with Dashboards.

@someones Can you read secret directly from vault?

@spodyablonsky Yes, i can.

I also do not get any Error Messages. Even when setting the Log-Level to Debug. Neither in the Dashboard log nor in the Server log

I got it working using the Secret Scope: $Secret:TestSecret for example.
Must have overlooked that in the Documentation…

Thanks for the tip, it works in endpoints too. It is strange that in Windows this works without specifying a scope.