PowerShell Universal v5.0 Beta 1

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Is there an ETA for 4.3? Quite a few requests/tickets I’ve put in have been closed as resolved / implemented in 4.3

We don’t have a 4.3 release target at the moment and anything that is closed or resolved is already in 4.2.13. A few things have been fixed in 4.2.14 but being that 4.2.13 was released a few days ago, it’s not too much.


Specifically, to the 4.3 milestone, there was the ability to track the current active tab in the UD-TAB, so when going between pages, we could keep track of it. I don’t see this anywhere in the change log.

I’m not totally sure about that specific ask but you can do it this way.

    New-UDTabs -Tabs {
        New-UDTab -Id 'Tab1' -Content {
            Show-UDToast $Endpoint.Name -Persistent
        } -Dynamic -Text "Tab1"

        New-UDTab -Id 'Tab2' -Content {
            Show-UDToast $Endpoint.Name -Persistent
        } -Dynamic -Text "Tab2"