PowerShell Universal Training - Now on YouTube!

The platform we were using for training wasn’t really meeting our needs so we migrated the whole course to YouTube and added a training page on the website.



I think this is a good change. With the switch to Youtube for all the training, would you ever consider doing a live stream? It could be PSU/POSHTools related, or just generally about Powershell.

A completely different (and unrelated) product I used years ago did a “weekly webcast” like this. Along with the presentation, it was also nice to be able to ask some live questions, or give feedback.

That’s a cool idea. Waaaaayyy back when I had a couple live streamed Ironman Software community calls but it didn’t stick. I’ll see about getting something like that scheduled again. Weekly might be a hard cadence for me to achieve but I’ll see how it goes.

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