PowerShell Universal - 4.2.16

PowerShell Universal - 4.2.16

Release Notes


  • Fixed an issue with computer maintenance mode (#3198)
  • Fixed a performance problem with job logs in SQL

PowerShell Apps

  • Fixed an issue with New-UDDataGridColumn code completion (#3147)
  • Fixed an issue with -TimeZone on New-UDTimePicker and New-UDDatePicker (#3126)
  • Fixed an issue with spacing of icons in New-UDList (#3173)
  • Added -Style to New-UDTransition (#2836)
  • Fixed a JavaScript error with New-UDTable (#3234)
  • Added -MaximumLength to -New-UDTextbox (#3239)


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4.2.16 isn’t shown on the downloads page even though PSU is showing the notification that an update is available.

Edit: Now it is.

@adam - I think there is something wrong with Get-PSUJobOutput

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Created issue Get-PSUJobOutput - Object reference not set to an instance of an object · Issue #3249 · ironmansoftware/issues · GitHub