PowerShell Universal - 4.2.14

PowerShell Universal - 4.2.14

Release Notes


  • Fixed route matching for variable routes that also match static routes (#3181)


  • Fixed an issue where app tokens could duplicate due to schedules
  • Fixed an issue with the Hide Run As setting (#3187)
  • Fixed a performance issue with writing job logs to SQL (#3200)
  • Fixed an issue with calling Get-Acl (#2482)
  • Fixed an issue loading Microsoft.PowerShell.Utility (#2423)


  • Fixed an issue where -Style wouldn’t apply when using -Disabled with New-UDCheckbox (#2144)
  • Fixed an issue where the $Query hashtable was case sensitive (#3169)
  • Added -Views to New-UDDatePicker (#2005)
  • Fixed an issue with a stepper with no steps (#3188)
  • Fixed an issue with the docs app stopping when editing other apps (#3174)


  • Pinned to the Az.Accounts 2.12.5 version to avoid breaking changes in the module container image
  • Fixed an issue with manually reloading dashboards.ps1
  • Fixed documentation links (#3178)
  • Removed manual garbage collection that could cause a service hang
  • Fixed an issue with creating file system items in Linux (#3136)
  • Fixed an issue with the Disabled Drives option for Disk Space Health Check (#3137)
  • Encrypted git token\password in database (#3182)
  • Fixed an issue with storing the git repository in the database (#3127)
  • Fixed an issue with installing modules on a nested IIS site (#3186)
  • Fixed an issue with computers being marked offline (#3197)
  • Added computer name to notifications in multi-node setups (#3195)
  • Computers are now listed under computer groups (#3196)



No love for? Save on an app results in all the apps refreshing; even the live doc · Issue #3174 · ironmansoftware/issues (github.com)?

The Changelog link at the download doesn’t work. Brings you to


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Looks like it’s fixed now