PowerShell Universal - 3.3.4

PowerShell Universal - 3.3.4

Release Notes


  • Fixed an issue where the folder pane on the scripts page would not persist its size
  • Fixed an issue where the View Script button would not be visible when using One-Way git sync


  • Fixed an issue where New-UDTextbox -Mask would not accept RegEx.


  • Fixed an issue where the Forms fields page wouldn’t navigate properly


  • Fixed an issue where git sync in git init Initialize mode using an external client would fail to properly set the origin branch
  • Fixed an issue where git status would be marked as failed after service restart


What a turnaround time :slight_smile:

Thanks Adam!

I have some bad news about that change. It does in fact allow regex, but it won’t achieve what you are looking for with email validation. I’ll update that info on your post. I think that we need to look around for a better library for accomplishing this because the one we use now doesn’t work as I had expected it to.