Permissions to Execute Scripts and Create Schedules, but not see/modify source code

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.8.4

Currently have a junior sysadmin that I have set to the “Execute” role. This works just fine for everything I need them to do except for creating schedules as the “Create New Schedule” button is missing for them. Is there a way I can create a custom role or grant an additional permission to the Executor role that allows for schedule creation?

We don’t provide the ability to do this at the moment but we could extend the access control feature to provide support for configuring schedules.

Thanks, @adam. Alternatively, I think a good user experience would be to add a selection on the Run modal for scripts that say “Run Now” or “Schedule Run” with a date picker. Having to go to the Schedules screen and build out a date/time, schedule name, etc. if you want to run a script one-time a few hours from now is a bit cumbersome and unintuitive, in my opinion.

The above could be included as part of the built-in “Execute” permission that allows someone to run scripts. As it stands today, the only way anyone can schedule a script to run in the future (out of the box) is if I also give them the ability to edit the source code, delete the script, etc. with Operator