Passing selected row through stepper

I’ve run into a snag while using Stepper and I’m sure I’m just doing something silly or expecting something that’s not available yet.

I’m using a UDTable to present data to the user and allowing them to select a specific row. It seems that I cannot pass the selected row from the UDTable to the next stepper page. For the time being, I’m using UDTable’s -OnRowSelection to populate UDTextboxes and then retrieving the data from those controls through the $Body variable.

Is there a better way to pass the selected row from the UDTable control to the next stepper page?

Thanks so much!

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.5.8

Hi @curt_mcnamee welcome to the forums. I am still yet to upgrade to Powershell Universal, but I would have a look at this page here:-
Which does guide you through creating forms and using the stepper


I am trying to use UDTABLE like you but I am not able to send the data to the next stepper page in any way.

Could you tell me how you do it with the UDTEXTBOXES please?