Param back no longer generate parameters when invoking script untill service restarted

Hi, anyone having issue with param blocks not working?
It workd a couple of days ago and old scripts still seems to work.

I have tested on 2 different installations with the same result.

If I restart the Powershell Universal Service, it works.

OS Name: Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Standard
OS Version: 10.0.20348 N/A Build 20348

PSVersion 7.3.7
PSEdition Core

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.1.2

Now I tested on a newly installed instance:

Windows 2022 and Powershell Universal 4.1.2

I do not get any Parameters when invoking, but after restarting the service the parameter work for this script. Adding additonal Parameters sam Issue …

After service restart:

I can reproduce this. We’ll roll a fix for this into 4.1.3

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Yeah we are seeing this issue on 3.9.18 as well…

The fix was merged back there as well. It will be in 3.9.19.