Packaged exe file from PSScriptPad got stopped by antivirus

Tool: PSScriptPad
Version: 2023.9.0

the exe file created by PSScriptPad triggered anti malware alert and got removed by windows defender.
I had to sign the exe file with my code signing certificate, which I didn’t have to do earlier.

questions follows:

  1. anyway to build in or support signtool or simular when building exe?
  2. or there is better way which I missed?
  3. how do I set exe version other than 1.0.0?



When you want to automatically sign by creating a exe, check: Package.psd1 - PowerShell Pro Tools (

Scroll down to the header, “certificate” and if that’s done the exe will be signed automatically. Also possible to automatically sign your Powershell files on save in VS-Code and VS-Studio

and in Powershell Universal (I can’t find the documentation page, but I’m sure I did see it somewhere these days.

Also instead of using Signtool, I like more the Powershell command: Set-AuthenticodeSignature

$cert = (Get-ChildItem -Path "Cert:\CurrentUser\My"  `

Set-AuthenticodeSignature -Certificate $cert `
    -FilePath "Your full path to ps1, psm1, psd1" `
    -TimestampServer "http://timestamp.yourcodesigner"

Set-AuthenticodeSignature -Certificate $cert `
    -FilePath "Your full path to exe" `
    -TimestampServer "http://timestamp.yourcodesigner"

Set-AuthenticodeSignature -Certificate $cert `
    -FilePath "Your full path to dll" `
    -TimestampServer "http://timestamp.yourcodesigner"

Set-AuthenticodeSignature -Certificate $cert `
    -FilePath "Your full path to your MSI" `
    -TimestampServer "http://timestamp.yourcodesigner"

And off course you can use it in combination with foreach, from “get-childitem” with a filter before and after compiling.

I like “Set-AuthenticodeSignature” more, because It’s a official Powershell command and runs with default Powershell input and output.

If you have a USB dongle, with SafeNet Authentication. You can set “Single Sign On”, so you don’t need to insert your password on every sign. Only some time’s a day.

Thanks, I saw Package.psd1 has implemented the signing function and your powershell suggestions are nice as well!!