One Time schedules are not triggered on PSU 4

Hello everyone,

Since I upgraded from PowerShell Universal 3.8 to PowerShell Universal 4.0, I have been having an issue with one-time schedules.

Sometimes one-time schedules do not fire, they disappear from the schedule list after the time is reached, but they never fire. I have checked the system log under %PROGRAMDATA%\PowerShellUniversal, but I can’t find any logs of the job starting.

What I’ve noticed is that whenever I create a one-time schedule, it is not saved in the %PROGRAMDATA%\UniversalAutomation\Repository.universal\schedules.ps1 file, while other schedules, e.g. cron schedules, are always saved in this file.

I added a one-time schedule to the file and it was triggered, while schedules created via the REST API or manually on the web interface aren’t always triggered.

Also, after restarting the PSU service, all one-time schedules disappear completely from the web interface.

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.1.8
Running on IIS and LiteDB.

this was my feature request to not have OTS written into the code (at least in one-way git sync). See Enable ‘One Time’ schedule while in ‘One-Way’ git sync mode · Issue #1702 · ironmansoftware/issues ( This was introduced in 3.9

I am on 3.10.x so I can’t say anything about 4.x, but in v3 (with active git sync) I don’t have any issues regarding OTS not executing.