One of two server is missing default logging targets

Well, the documentation on the logging is really very thin. After reading this post I finally got basic logging going after discovering that I’ve had no logging at all since upgrading from versoin 3.

However, I still can’t seem to get my own log posts into the log. I’ve tried Write-PSULog with different features, scopes etc, but no matter what I do it doesn’t end up in any log at all. Is there any special handling needed for that?

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I agree with this post about the documentation being lacking in this area. Some documentation about what the default or recommended minimum logging.ps1 file can be really helpful. Also, more logging examples for the cmdlets. Event logging is pretty important as it is generally one of the first steps taken in system auditability and a core component in the security of the system.

After quite some testing back and forth I came to the conclusion that the exact following arguments to Write-PSULog is the only way of getting my log messages to appear in the log tab of a psu dashboard, if it’s of any use to you:

Write-PSULog -Message “whatever” -Feature “App” -Resource $DashboardName -Level Information

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Thank you, I will try it out myself soon