OIDC - Okta - Token authentication

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.4.4
Ubuntu 20.04 - Docker

Hi there,

Do you have any implementation of the OAuth client credential flow in the road map ? Only authorization code seems available.

If no, what solution do you propose for Machine to Machine authentication (scripts call to PSU without human interaction) ?

Security team is willing to avoid using JWT token to authenticate on PSU (hosted internally on docker) and rather use Okta managed tokens.

We can flawlessly connect to the console using Okta but when it comes to authenticate on endpoint from IWR or CURL we need to fallback on JWT and it’s not optimal ( security pov)

If anyone has been facing the same kind of problems and he’s willing to share the solution they’ve been using, it would be awesome.

Cheers !

@adam: Any Idea ?

Seems like a call to okta need to be added to source code POST**${baseUrl}**/v1/introspect

We currently don’t support Okta managed tokens but I can open an issue for this to see if we can implement it.