NuGet provider is required to continue on Dashboard save

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.7.8

Why is this happening when my dashboard reloads?

Something is trying to install a module with PSGet and the package provider isn’t installed so it’s popping up this prompt. PSU uses v3 of PSGet internally, so it doesn’t require the provider assembly (Install-PSResource). IDK What would be trying to install a module. You might be able to respond no to the prompt and see where the error is thrown from in the dashboard log.

every time the dashboard restarts, we have to respond once with continue

ok, so i installed the other version side by side to see if that helps:


Funny thing, we copied it to here and the pop up seems to have gone away

user folder = service account of app pool


  • i don’t know what to try next

only happens when

  • someone saves the dashboard that has a change

@adam, this is interesting:

New-UDButton -Text 'Debug' -OnClick{
    $nugets = Get-PackageProvider NuGet
    Show-UDObject -InputObject $nugets

Come to find out, there was a rogue module that was using Find-Module, we got it removed and the issue went away. Do not let any of your cmdlets use PowerShellGet cmdlets. They are not friendly.