Notification bell freezes console/browser

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.3.1

Noticed the notification bell at the top right showed 99+ notifications this morning


when I click the bell the entire console, and eventually my whole browser, will freeze. Tested this with Edge 94.0.992.314, Firefox 92.0.1, and Chrome 94.0.4606.61.

Ouch. Ok. I haven’t tried with that many notifications before but I’ll open an issue for this. I think the only other way to mitigate this is to clear notifications via the REST API manually.

I don’t recall the notifications being that high yesterday, but they could have been. I’ll look up how to clear the notifications via REST.


Found the info in the swagger docs and cleared the notifications. The bell works correctly now

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The issue seems to be my git sync. The error message I’m getting is:

too many redirects or authentication replays

I’ll see what is up with that.

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Somekind of logic to truncate identical notifications would be nice.

Fixed my git issue. Seems like the branch name I had in the config (Main) didn’t match the actual branch name (Master). Weird as I haven’t changed that on either side since I set it up.

Either way, it’s fixed now!

Sweet! I’ve fixed this in 2.4 as well. It’ll only put the last 5 notifications in the bell and then you can view the rest on a notification page.