New-UDTable to PSWritePDF question

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.4.6


I’m hoping this is easier than I imagine but I am trying to convert a New-UDTable to PSWritePDF’s New-PDFTable function. I thought I could simply do New-PDFTable -DataTable (Get-UDElement -Id ‘DataTable’) but that doesn’t return what I’m looking for. New-PDFTable is looking for a Hashtable to convert. @adam Would you know if this is possible? I assume yes because it’s PowerShell but I’m getting into unfamiliar territory.

Thank you!

You won’t be able to do that directly like that. We do support exporting a table to PDF if that’s what you’re looking for.

I think that could work. I’m really looking to export the entire form (which includes a couple of tables. I may look at other methods though.

Thanks for the info!