New-UDTable only shows first row

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.2.17

New-UDTable is only showing the first row of my data. I know that the data has 5 rows, but only the top one shows.

Here is the portion code where the table is created:

New-UDDynamic -Id "SearchTable" -Content {
                Show-UDToast -Message "Count: $(($session:SearchResults).Count)$($session:SearchResults[4])" -Duration 10000

    New-UDTable -ID 'SearchResultsTable' -Title 'Search Results' -Data 
        $session:SearchResults -Columns @(
        New-UDTableColumn -Property 'First Name' -Title 'First Name'
        New-UDTableColumn -Property 'Last Name' -Title 'Last Name'
        New-UDTableColumn -Property 'DOB' -Title 'Date of Birth'
        New-UDTableColumn -Property 'Address' -Title 'Address'
        New-UDTableColumn -Property 'Phone' -Title 'Phone'
        New-UDTableColumn -Property 'Phone2' -Title 'Phone 2'
        New-UDTableColumn -Property 'ID' -Title 'Person ID'
           -OnRowExpand {

I do get the following errors, but I am not sure if these are from the table creation or something else:

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you

This is the output where I see just one line:


Since i dont know what data you have, I will just show you how i would make my own array of data and put into a table with custom colums.

You have to use an arraylist to make it work and also i have issues when using -id in New-UDTable (have no clue why)

New-UDApp -Title ‘Test Table’ -Content {

    $array = New-Object -TypeName System.Collections.ArrayList

    New-UDTextbox -Label 'something1' -Id 'something1'
    New-UDTextbox -Label 'something2' -Id 'something2'
    New-UDTextbox -Label 'something3' -Id 'something3'

    New-UDButton -Text "Add" -OnClick {

                something1 = (Get-UDElement -Id something1).value
                something2 = (Get-UDElement -Id something2).value
                something3 = (Get-UDElement -Id something3).value

        Sync-UDElement -Id 'somelist' -ArgumentList $array


New-UDDynamic -Id 'somelist' -Content {
    if ($argumentlist -ne $null) {

            New-UDTable -Data $argumentlist