New-UDstep fires twice? Bug?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.5.18

Apart from the first initial load of Step 1, each New-UDStep (forwards and back) seems to fire the Show-UDToast twice.

After some testing I’ve found this only happens with -Orientation Vertical. Without that property (i.e. horizontal) it works fine.

New-UDStepper -Steps {
  New-UDStep -OnLoad {
    Show-UDToast -Message "in step 1"
    New-UDElement -tag 'div' -Content { "Step 1" }
    New-UDTextbox -Id 'txtStep1' -Value $EventData.Context.txtStep1
  } -Label "Step 1"
    New-UDStep -OnLoad {
    Show-UDToast -Message "in step 2"
    New-UDElement -tag 'div' -Content { "Step 2" }
    New-UDElement -tag 'div' -Content { "Previous data: $Body" }
    New-UDTextbox -Id 'txtStep2' -Value $EventData.Context.txtStep2
  } -Label "Step 2"
} -OnFinish {
  New-UDTypography -Text 'Nice! You did it!' -Variant h3
  New-UDElement -Tag 'div' -Id 'result' -Content {$Body}
} -Orientation Vertical

That’s a bug. I’ll open an issue.