New-UDSelect -Multiselect that stays open


Is there a way to crate a mutli select, that stays open while selecting?
I do have selects wiht 50-100 entries; User has to select e.g. 20 …
This means at the moment:

  1. open; select one; box is closing …

  2. open; select next; box is closing …

  3. open; select next ; box is closing …

    User wants:

  4. open; select one; select two; select three; Box is closing …

Tried to play around with theme and Native html-Code (New-UDHtml)
Did not manage …

Easy Sample Code:

$global:mypage = New-UDPage -ID mypage -Name “mypage” -Endpoint {

New-UDCard  -Content {
   New-UDRow -Columns {
      New-UDColumn  -Content {
         New-UDSelect -MultiSelect -ID 'myselect' -Label 'SelectMe' -Option {                  
            New-UDSelectOption -Name "Wert1" -Value 1
            New-UDSelectOption -Name "Wert2" -Value 2
            New-UDSelectOption -Name "Wert3" -Value 3
            New-UDSelectOption -Name "Wert4" -Value 4
            New-UDSelectOption -Name "Wert5" -Value 5
            New-UDSelectOption -Name "Wert6" -Value 6
            New-UDSelectOption -Name "Wert7" -Value 7
            New-UDSelectOption -Name "Wert8" -Value 8
            New-UDSelectOption -Name "Wert9" -Value 9


Hi @Fabian
Looks weird,

The Materialize UI demopage doesn’t show the same behaviour:

Could you file this as an issue on github?