New-UDPage to direct to external website

I’d like to have it so that when someone clicks on a page in the list it redirects to an external website. Is that possible?

I tried:

$pages += New-UDPage -Name “Page Name” -endpoint { Invoke-UDRedirect -url “site URL”}

but this did not work

@somecoulombs The code below works just fine for me to redirect to an external site:

$Pages = @()

$Pages += New-UDPage -Name "Home" -Content {
    New-UDTypography -Text "Home Page"

$Pages += New-UDPage -Name "Take me to Google!" -Content {
    Invoke-UDRedirect -url “”

$Pages += New-UDPage -Name "Take me to MSN!" -Content {
    Invoke-UDRedirect -url ""

New-UDDashboard -Title "Pages" -Pages $Pages