New-UDGrid Display/Sort with Currency

I’m trying to figure out how to display numbers as currency while retaining it being a number so that sorting by that column works as expected.
The only things I could find for powershell is formatting the text as a string, either with .toString() or “{0:C}” -f $number
While both of those produce how I want it to look, the sorting in the UDGrid happens like a string.
When sorting from least to greatest:

Is there a way to accomplish this?

Hey @RamonMA I know it is not a solution to the given question but I did do a google table component which displays numbers with the separation as in comma…not too sure if this will have the same issue, when putting it to currency but you could give it a go:-
I got a demo on how to use it on the same page…or maybe use the math static method like I did in the example but round it to 2…I hope this helps in a round-about way :slight_smile: