New-UDExpansionPanel size?


Is it possible to change the size of the New-UDExpansionPanel?

In my screenshot below the New-UDExpansionPanel for H: Drive is stretched across the entire screen.

New-UDExpansionPanelGroup -Children {

                New-UDExpansionPanel -Icon hdd_o -Title "H: Drive" -Id 'expHdrive' -Children {

                    New-UDElement -Tag 'div' -Content { 

                        New-UDRadioGroup -Label "Path" -Content {

                            New-UDRadio -Label Belfast -Value 'Belfast'

                            New-UDRadio -Label Blackpool -Value 'Blackpool'

                            New-UDRadio -Label Cardiff -Value 'Cardiff'

                            New-UDRadio -Label Glasgow -Value 'Glasgow'

                            New-UDRadio -Label London  -Value 'London'

                            New-UDRadio -Label Remote -Value 'Remote'

                            New-UDRadio -Label Regional -Value 'Regional'





You could try to wrap it in a UDElement and set the width

New-UDElement -tag 'div' -Attributes @{ style = @{ width = "50%" } } -Content {
# expansion panel
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works perfectly