New-UDDatePicker Range

Is there any best practice for setting upper and lower boundaries for a Date Picker input? So far I’ve been using OnChange to parse the input and show a toast or modal, but I’m curious how other folks have handled. Using OnChange is a bit hairy because then it reacts every time someone begins typing in the input as opposed to using the DatePicker itself.

It would be ideal if you could specify a valid range of inputs in the New-UDDatePicker cmdlet, but I understand that could be a whole can of worms in its own right. Something like

$today = Get-Date
New-UDDatePicker -Value $today -UpperLimit $($today.addDays(365)) -LowerLimit $($today.addDays(-7))
Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.12.2
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The date picker component we are using has max\min date properties we can set so we should be able to implement this pretty easily. I’ll open an issue for it.