New module, with added UD Support!

Evening lads,
I’ve just finished my initial release of SkykickAPI for powershell.
Currently, i’ve mainly implemented the backup-part of Skykick, will give the migration part a go the next time i’m migrating someone.
Check it out on PowerShellGallery or Github:

Or just :

Install-Module SkykickAPI

Now the fun part: in order to stay consistent between endpoints, and Skykick’s API actually blocking you if you login too many times while you have an active token, I’ve actually solved storing of credentials a fancy way:
Check these:

Basically, whenever i need a cached variable, I check if UniversalDashboard is loaded. If UD is loaded then it will use the $cache, and if not it will use the $script.

I’ll throw in some UD Examples when i start implementing it in my dev enviroment.

Happy hunting!


nice work bro…

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Great contribution fella, can see you done some cool stuff in this module…you know what…this would make a great blog :smiley: well done @BoSen29

Hehe! I’ll see if i can whip up some words after i actually start using the module myself :sweat_smile:
I’m behind schedule on the blogging o:-)

Yeah I see it’s for office 365 yeah? I’m not on office 365 :frowning: but this might be my reason to get it :smiley:
Well I went and built another custom component tonight…nothing as technical will post something soon :wink:

Skykick is a backup and migration tool for Office365 yeah! Quite handy if i may say so myself!
I’m still waiting for demo / image dude :open_mouth:

I’m still waiting on the screen gif of your module working :crazy_face: tomorrow my friend…as I tell my kids…all good things come to those who wait…it’s really not that exiciting mine, or as in-depth technically as yours…but it’s something :crazy_face:

Gif? I might throw in some photos, but not a gif :open_mouth:
Looking forward to your gifs :-3

Man…might have to wait until the weekend…I got my work Christmas party tonight, so will probably not get this finished today :frowning:

Have fun getting drunk on company dime :sweat_smile:

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