New lines ignored in New-UDCard

I can’t get text or whatever element on a new line inside a New-UDCard content.

I tried New-UDParagraph, New-UDElement -Tag ‘br’, New-UDTypography and a whole lot of combinations of those three with nesting, without nesting etc.

All new lines and spaces are stripped.

Universal Dashboard 3.1.3, PowerShell 5.1, Kestrel webserver.

Same issue for me and same configuration.

I can reproduce this as well. We have this problem on I’ve added it to our backlog.

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hi adam, is there any solution to this, I still have this problem with new udcard

It’s due to a style being applied to the card. You can work around it with New-UDStyle.

    New-UDStyle -Style ".ud-mu-cardbody { display: block !important; }" -Content {
        New-UDCard -Content {
            New-UDHtml "Hello<br/>Goodbye"
            New-UDElement -Tag 'br'
            New-UDHtml "Cool"