Move an element from one card to another

Working on a dashboard for a small group running a dispatch service. What I would like is a simple column-like setup where they can move each vehicle’s card between the different stages (in queue, en route to drop-off, returning to hub, etc.). I have a grid view set up, with the main cards within it and the vehicle cards inside them, like the screenshot below. Is there and easy way to allow a user to transition the vehicle card from one stage to another?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.9.21

I was looking through forum posts and see at one point there was a New-UDDrag action in the MarketPlace, but it looks like this was several years back. Hoping there is an easy way to set this up natively.

Just bumping this to see if anyone has done something similar before I try a different route.

You could potentially do this with dynamic elements, but it would probably be a pretty janky method.
Personally I know what you’re trying to achieve here, but I’d suggest using cards in this way isnt really their intended purpose and you’d be best looking for another component to do this type of thing.

For example, it would probably be much easier to do this with the following component:

Transfer List - PowerShell Universal

If you required multiple stages or ‘lists’ instead of just two sides, I would suggest using table data, maybe add a status/stage column instead - it may be less visual but would be much easier to create.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will take a look at this.

Took a look at your suggestion, and Transfer List is definitely not going to fit the needs as the final product will have a number of columns. Your comment in another thread did help, however, and I was able to obtain the dynamic ID so I could get to the point of something workable at least. Not what the customer wanted exactly, but I think it will work. Thanks for the help.