Modify "UDselectOption" in "UDSelect" element


Currently I’m using the command “New-UDSelect” and “New-UDSelectOption”.
When I’m choosing a value in a Select element, I would like that the “selectOption” of the second Select element are updated.

For instance, when I’m choosing in a first element the country, i want that the second select could display the regions of this country.

The only way I find is to clear the element and create it again.

Do you have a solution to only modify the “UDSelectOption” in the Select element.

Thanks to you :slight_smile:

I’m looking to do this too, did you find a solution to this?

This isn’t currently possible in v2.9. It requires removing and recreating the select. v3 will resolve this issue.


Thanks Adam, no problem, I’ll look forward to v3 :slight_smile:

Hey Adam, could you possibly elaborate or direct me somewhere where this is documented? I’m having troubles doing this exact thing.

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i don’t find solution with V3.
how to do?