Managing Jobs with one way sync

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.7.7

I had this idea that we would develop on a 2 way sync on the Development branch and merge new updates into the main branch where PSU prod would be setup as a one way sync. Does anyone have a Dev/Prod setup with PSU?

My concern is I am unable to create or modify schedules in prod. Today I wanted to pause a existing schedule, but was blocked as there is no edit mode in one-way git config. I have to pause it on Dev and do a merge into prod just to pause a schedule in prod.

I think this is not the intention and I would consider this a bug as we need to be able to manage the jobs outside of the git configuration or I just need to stick with 2 way.

I have opened a github issue for that:
Enable ‘One Time’ schedule while in ‘One-Way’ git sync mode · Issue #1702 · ironmansoftware/issues (

Please give a thumbs up, if it would solve your problem.

Alas I only mentioned one time schedules in my feature request, because it makes no sense to store that in code. I currently don’t see a use-case for us for creating repeating schedules only in the prod environment. But you could amend my issue with a comment.