Lost AppBar after updating to 2.6.2

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.6.2

I was previously on version 2.5.4 and was using “New-UDAppBar” to add custom buttons inside the header at the top of the page. After updating to 2.6.2, the cmdlet “New-UDAppBar” is no longer available.

Is this being done a different way in 2.6.2 (or perhaps an easier way to add buttons in the header) or do I simply need to re-import an older module?

This hasn’t changed (unless there was a bug in 2.6.2). I’m not aware of any issues reported with 2.6.2 regarding this and I just tried in 2.7 and it is working.

Should the “New-UDAppBar” cmdlet be inside of the “UniversalDashboard” Module or a different one?

I can give 2.7.0 a go and see what happens.

Yep. It’s in that module. It should be in the UniversalDashboard.MaterialUI.psm1 file and exported in UniversalDashboard.psd1 file.

I’ve been able to get the UDAppBar working again but it’s covering up the username currently logged in. Is there a way to 1) add the username/logout button into the custom UDAppBar or 2) is there a way I can add buttons to the header without using the UDAppBar?