Long-running Approval Steps

Is it possible to create a workflow of sorts so a user would fill out a form and then wait until some external event occurs before allowing the user to continue with the next step in the process? This delay could be hours later.

I am not a user yet, but was hoping I could automate some processes for our users that currently requires approval of a JIRA ticket. My hope was that the user could start the process in PowerShell Universal, it would create a ticket on their behalf, and then after manager approval the process would continue.


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Hey @markw,

It’s possible but I might suggest a different approach since PSU doesn’t really have job persistence in this way. The reason is that the way that PSU works is that it starts a job (which could be an external PS process) and then you could have it wait for something to happen in JIRA. This could be just a loop to checks to see if a ticket transitioned state or some other property changed and then moved on to complete whatever processing needs to happen.

The problem with something like this is if the PSU service is stopped or the job is cancelled, you’ll lose that state.

What I would suggest instead would be something like this:

User fills out form and it starts a job (or just executes something in a dashboard) that creates some sort of ticket in JIRA and the manager is notified. Job ends and you don’t need to worry about state.

Manager sees the notification and takes action in JIRA which triggers a webhook. The webhook triggers an API in PSU that could either execute the expected code directly or starts a PSU job that performs the second part of the operation.

What’s nice about this is that PSU doesn’t need to poll or anything for state changes and could be notified. Let me know if that makes sense and totally let me know if I’m not understanding the requirement.

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Thanks, this sounds like a good solution!