Logging Option in Universal Automation: Syslog / Event Log


Is it possible to forward job results of Universal Automation to an external Logging source? We would prefer a syslog target. But if something like Event Log is possible, this would be okay (we can collect Event Log entries to SysLog).


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It’s not currently possible but we could implement that. Are you mostly look for just the status information of jobs or do you want the entire job output\pipeline output?

I look for the status information of the job. We are planning for a solution to monitor the script execution. With Syslog, we are able to react on failed jobs. Maybe if the job failed, adding the error message would be appropriate.

I would find this helpful too. As we add more sensitive jobs to our UD backed tool I am pretty sure our auditors are going to want to ensure we ship this sort of thing off to an SIEM tool. Event log would be fine I think as there are already many tools for shipping those off to other logging aggregators etc.

Yes, event log is sufficient, we can forward the relevant logs by source and/or event id to a central logging tool. Any ETA on that?