Listing currently logged in users?

As the title suggests, I am trying to create a list of users currently logged in to my dashboard within a page.

I can see in the admin GUI there is the sessions tab with has a list of users, however after browsing the available commands and variables I can not see how to replicate this list.

Has anyone figured this out yet?

If there is no Powershell function, you could use the API endpoint

And then look for your dashboard name under “source” in the array of sessions (foreach loop):

    "id": 416,
    "userName": "REDACTED",
    "connectionId": "REDACTED",
    "source": "Dashboard (ModuleDocumentation)",
    "userAgent": "REDACTED",
    "connectedTime": "2024-02-12T14:41:26.7440944Z",
    "disconnectedTime": null,
    "computerName": "REDACTED",
    "ipAddress": "REDACTED"
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Thanks, this looks like just what I need.

I always forget about the API data