Linux Docker in Azure - HTTPS AAD Auth issues

There seem to be various posts on the forum related to HTTPS and docker for UD but im trying to standup PSU in a Linux Docker in Azure that uses HTTPS (from pfx) and AAD Auth but having some issues.

Firstly: i can configure AAD auth on the webapp (App Service Authentication) which works fine when PSU is setup to use HTTP not HTTPS but this does not pass any claims details through to the dashboard.

Secondly: i can setup OIDC in the appsettings.linux.json and this again works, but as the dashboard is running on HTTP the header is incorrect for the AAD Auth.

The issue i am facing is getting the certificate to take from the appsettings.linux.json file - this seems to simply not work, i dont even get logs of it trying to work - I have tried this using a standard MSI install and it works fine, just not in Azure Docker (Im sure i am missing something).


ADD cert.pfx /home/Universal/cert.pfx


“HTTPS”: {
“Url”: “http://*:433”,
“Certificate”: {
“Path”: “%HOME%/.Universal/cert.pfx”,
“Password”: “12345”

The certificate is in place as confirmed from Docker but i cant get it to read the cert.

In an ideal world i would not bother with auth in the app and have the webapp Authentication service do the heavy lifting and passthrogh the $user to the dashboard. It seems there are headers passed through, or use of JWT would be ideal but no idea how to implement this:

Any thoughts?

@adam @mylabonline @mgeorgebrown89 @jamesk - You have had previous with similar to this, wondered if you have any thoughts?

I haven’t but I think @TmJr75 might be facing this soon too. They are using a Windows container but might end up with the same problem.

Just want to validate that the path is correct. Looks like you are setting the path to the .Universal folder and putting the cert in a Universal folder (no period).

Is that just a typo here?