Jobs stuck in queue

PSU: 4.2.13
Db: sql

I had a process that created a bunch of Job found a good number of them got stuck in “queued” status.


At this point im not sure what to do or why these jobs are showing as queued but not through hangfire. Could it be that the job never got to the hangfire queue? Could we add a button in the UI to requeue these?

Edit: or even show a queued date/time

Hi Mike - we had the same issue for a while on 4.2.x versions , currently on 4.2.7 with the issue not happening much any more

its seemed to get worse as the Job table filled up much beyond 50k rows, pointing the server at a fresh empty database “fixed” the problem (at the cost of losing job history and saved licence / secrets etc), so i think its related to the time it takes for the query to execute and might improve if you reduce the data in the backend (adjusting the history for example)

the status of queued is 0 so you can tidy things up a bit with this SQL

SELECT * FROM [dbo].[Job] 
where status=0 and CreatedTime<dateadd(hh,-50,getdate())
--anything that is queued should be set to failed
update [dbo].[Job] set status=3 where status=0 and CreatedTime<dateadd(hh,-50,getdate())

Not fixed in 4.3.0 sadly