Issues with authentication in PowerShell Universal Dashboard

Hi there, I’m coming across a strange issue trying to run commands in a PoshUD v3 dashboard running on IIS. When I have a button that issues a command like Restart-Computer, I get an authentication error (i.e. PowerShell shows in the PoshUD logs that access is denied), even though the application pool is running as a domain admin which definitely has access to run the command. Furthermore, if I run Enter-PSHostProcess and get into the process ID of the IIS dashboard to run the command, it works.

So my question is, what is the difference between how a command is executed from IIS vs interactively, i.e. from a PowerShell console? This one’s driving me a bit batty as it wasn’t a problem in v2 with the exact same IIS config.

That’s very strange. One of the issues with IIS is how it grants rights to app pools. We’ve had issues with universal automation jobs running in IIS where the account doesn’t have the proper rights to start as another process and you’ll get some weird errors when trying to start jobs.

That said, I haven’t seen this with specific PS commands in dashboards since dashboards just run as the same user account as the app pool identity.

You might be able to futz with some of the rights in Group Policy mentioned here:

I’m super surprised that a domain admin doesn’t have every right it needs.