Is there a way to get the ip address of the client

Refering to this but it does not seem to work any more.

Any idea how I get this information in UD v3?

Not at the moment. We just added this to APIs but should have added it to dashboards too. It’ll be in 1.5.

Ohhhh i like this! is it in a nightly at all?

Also, i have not kept up, can API’s data be accessed by dashboards directly now via $cache variables? if not then API’s can be used but with an extra step of writing to a file which the dashboard reads…

These variables will be in tonight’s 1.5 nightly.

You can’t access the cache variable in APIs at the moment. Trying to figure out the best way to do that because APIs and dashboards now run in different processes. Likely will add a global server cache that APIs, jobs and dashboards share and that can be easily viewed in the admin console.

I updated to the 1.5 nightly, how do I get access to the ip that is connected?

Use the $RemoteIpAddress variable


Hey Adam,

so this returns both the IPV6 and IPV4 is there a flag to just get the IPV4?


Strange. I’ll have to look into why it’s returning both. There isn’t a flag at the moment.