Is a boolean a boolean or a switch?

I have a script that I’m trying to run on a schedule. I pass several parameters to this script consisting of strings, integers, and booleans. The first issue I ran into when putting this script in Universal that specifying [boolean] would cause the script to not run and be stuck in a “queued” state forever. According to the documentation both [bool] and [switch] are switches. If I change my param to a [bool] and try to set a default $true/$false value this doesn’t work either. If I set a true/false value as a string it works as expected and I can kick off my script manually and it runs just fine. The problem here though is I then can’t schedule the script using New-PSUSchedule or using the GUI. It never shows up under ‘schedules’. Now if I change the parameter I use in New-PSUSchedule to use $true/$false the schedule shows but errors out when trying to run.

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.6.2
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