Invoke-PSUScript inside Dashboard with parameter mandatory and validateSet


Running 3.1.6 version.

When using Invoke-PSUScript inside a Dashboard and calling a script with parameter mandatory and validateSet the created job is waiting for input.

Dashboard :

Invoke-PSUScript -Script 'debug.ps1' -app '7zip'

Script :

$app | out-file C:\temp\debug.txt -Append

If I remove [Parameter(Mandatory=$true)] , job is no more waiting for input

The problem is not related [Parameter(Mandatory=$true)].
It’s the var name $app in the script.
If I replace $app by $package then it run flawless.

Maybe -app is an alias or something used in invoke-psuscript ?

We have an annoying bug where there are certain parameter names that will cause this to happen. App must be another one of those. It’s still an open issue.