Image to fill screen - no edge borders

Hi, I am new to UD and would like to know if this can be done and if so, some examples please.

  1. I would like to load and image that will fill the background, not a watermark, but more like a full picture. I would like to have sample pictures and when the user clicks on one, I want to be able to fill the screen, including hiding the header and footer if possible.
  2. Can the background be filled with gradient, or is there a component that has this capability, again I want to fill the full background.


Hey Rick!

Welcome to the forums. There isn’t something like this built in but I’m sure you could do some magic with New-UDElement to make this happen. If not, there are probably a custom control or two out there we could build to fit this use case.

I’ll have more time later to respond with a better example of something like this but maybe other forums members have some ideas that they can chime in on.

Stay tuned!

Thank you Adam, I will keep my eye out for this.

hi @Rick
I created a PR for a… workable solution to this:

Should give you the ability to use the -onclick param of the image, and execute a javascript to do all the magic for you.
Hit me up with some code-example if you need any help with the Javascript.

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