Icon not working on New-UDSelectOption

No icon is shown in my New-UDSelectOption -Icon … is this a bug or just an issue on my side?

New-UDSelect -Label 'Select' -Option {
   New-UDSelectOption -Name "Start" -Value 'start' -Icon 'play'
   New-UDSelectOption -Name "Delete" -Value 'delete' -Icon 'trash_alt'

@adam @BoSen29
Hi, as nobody answered I can get some help directly from you … Thanks

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I bet it’s a bug. Please file an issue.

done - https://github.com/ironmansoftware/universal-dashboard/issues/1391

It’s passed from the powershell side, but not handled by the javascript.

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@BoSen29 Another closed issue for your list :wink:

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