How to use out-grindview -passthru in Universal automation script

We would like to run the script to multiple computers by selecting OU and Computer name (The OU and the computer name will we retrieved from AD ) as input parameter in a Grindview and wondering how this can be achieved ?

In the Powershell we´re using this step:
Step 1: Get list of Sites
Get.ADorganizationalunit -Filter xxxx | out-grindview -passthru
Step 2: Get list of computer from slected OU in step1
Get-adcomputer -filter xxx | -searchbase “OU=xx” | out-grindview -passthru
Step 3: Exeute the script on selcted Computer

You won’t be able to show Out-GridView from a script in UA. In this scenario, I would recommend creating a dashboard if you want to do something like this.

You could show a UDTable with the list of computers and then have a button that executes the script on the selected script in Automation.

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That was what I thought too. Thanks for the clarification :+1: