Hover on button custom color and Get-PSUJobOutput display

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.0.0-beta5

Hello once again :slight_smile:
Next questions:

  1. I use custom color button below table (AntDesign theme)
 New-UDButton -Text "Process"  -Style @{
    backgroundColor     = 'red'
    color               = 'white'

Its working but i noticed that other buttons (not changed by style) when i move mouse over them changes background color to a little lighter. This one is not. How to achieve it but only for this specific button ? I tried few examples from custom css styling but they are not working…

  1. Im running some job from dashboard and i want to display result of this job.
Invoke-PSUScript -Script script.ps1 -Integrated -Wait
$Job = Get-PSUScript -Name 'script.ps1' | Get-PSUJob -OrderDirection Descending -First 1
Show-UDModal -Content {
	((Get-PSUJobOutput -Job $Job ).data) -join "`r`n"
    ((Get-PSUJobOutput -Job $Job ).data)
	Get-PSUJobPipelineOutput -Job $Job 
    Get-PSUJobPipelineOutput -Job $Job -join "`r`n"

And now matter what i have tried it always display all data in one row