Horizontal alignment in New-UDPaper

How does one align the bottom of the UD-Textbox with the UD-Select control? The OCD is driving me insane and I suck at CSS.


$list = @('d1.domain.com', 'd2.domain.com', 'd3.domain.com', 'd4.domian.com')
New-UDGrid -Id 'GridOne' -Container -Content {
	New-UDRow -Id Row -Columns {
		New-UDColumn -SmallSize 4 -LargeSize 4 -Content {
			New-UDStyle -Style '.MuiInputLabel-shrink {
				transform: translate(0, 1.5px) scale(0.75);
				transform-origin: top left;
				min-width: 300px;
				}' -Content {
				New-UDPaper -Elevation 2 -Content {
					New-UDTextbox -Id tbUserID -Label "Enter team member SAM account id"
					New-UDHtml -Markup "<p style=`"padding-left: 100px;`"></p>"
					New-UDSelect -Id selDomain -Label 'Select Domain to search' -Option {
						$List | ForEach-Object {
							New-UDSelectOption -Name $_ -Value $_
Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.5.4

I was having the same issue and stumbled on this just now. After looking at the elements in Edge DevTools, the issue I was having was with the margins. For the New-UDPaper element, adding the following parameter fixed it:

 -Style @{ "margin" = "0px" }

You can also use UDStack https://docs.powershelluniversal.com/userinterfaces/dashboards/components/layout/stack

Then use the -Directon row and -Alignitem center (think it called like this its out of my head)