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Is there any update about the “select time” feature as I think this is one of the top components for an admin center (what should be one of the main outcomes of UD in my opinion). For example get windows event logs by start and end timestamp (date + time) and do some visualization.

Hey @augustin.ziegler was feeling blessed last night, I got to actually speak with @BoSen29 :sunglasses: which was super cool.
Not forgotten about this, I did look into it…but the requested component had a lot of dependencies…which I do not know a quick way to download and download all dependencies without doing it manually.
However I was looking at a clock component, then to build that in with @BoSen29 calendar component…but instead of re-inventing the wheel I didn’t know UD already has a clock component built in… the second example has a date/time picker…don’t get me wrong would be nice to have in one component, but there is already components built in to do this. Peace

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havent ever seen the time picker, thanks for that hint.
I just wanted to not this down and get an update, thanks for that :slight_smile:
One site note: I do not work with UDInput in order of a feature leak to format the components.

Looking forward to see what you @psDevUK and @BoSen29 are planning to do.

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Hey everyone - did we ever get a component created for this?

I know we have the date type for UDInput but i dont want the “submit” button for UDInput, plus it looks weird with my other components on the page.

Would like to see a “Select Date” with the caledar popup, select then use a Get-UDElement ‘dateid’ to pull in that value that was selected.

Sounds like a job for the team?


Yeah for sure man…just mail me a date when you free to discuss in person…thanks…I mean I seen this but doesn’t look like a UD component as style is a tad bit different…but it is a one-hit solution

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What about something like this?

Just looking for something really simple where you click select the date and return the value via UDElement so it’s just as easy to use and integrate like the other components (UDSelect, Textbox, etc…)

I also found this - which comes with some additional controls.

Hey @mylabonline do you know an easy way to download all dependencies? Without having to individually install each one? Just the dependency list for this seems to go on and on and on when you actually drill down to each dependency…would save so much time

Yo @BoSen29 so I have downloaded the dependencies and managed to build this…binding it though is where I need to still accomplish the goal…just so you know I am on the case if you want to link up to get this finished let me know…

Hey @psDevUK - Easy way… no idea. I am actually starting to learn how to build my own components. Find its worth while in learning the skill so I can contribute more to the community.

Im struggling with the new/updated custom components template with Plaster. So i’m in the middle of copying the old (non-Platser) template so I can use the documentation and Adam’s video to get something working.

Happy to write a blog post here:- although a lot of my blogs do cover building a custom component…happy to add the steps I use with the plaster template, as I use that one to build them…anyways here is a work in progress on the component so far:-
As you see you get to select a date and a time…although its not fully working yet…

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That’s amazing!! you will be on your 100th component by the time I figure this out. Trying to follow Adam’s video but error after error… what a pain.

Can’t wait to try out your daypicker calendar module :slight_smile:

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It might be worth while opening another category in this form for Component Development - someone requests a component and who ever wants to take on that project can do so.

I spent the last 2 days trying to get something to work with no luck, so at this point I would rather just submit component requests :slight_smile:

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Yeah I watched the youtube video numerous times, before I had a go at doing a component…I selected simple components to begin with, and not done everything on my own, I have had some help along the way…last night I was cursing your name :rofl: as this component lists 4 dependencies, but in actual fact there was loads and loads, almost gave up downloading it, as each dendency had like another 10 dependencies, which then had another 7 then another 11 and so on…I was like you serious :roll_eyes: that is the bummer about doing fancier components as its more dependencies, sometimes I forget where I am or other dependencies list dependencies you already downloaded…Like that gauge control component, I swear it took me about 2 hours to manually download each and every required dependency. Then if the thing don’t work after you spent all that time it can make you not the best person to be around :angry:
Hence I put the question out there, is there an easy way to download all dependencies of a component listed…I looked at the npm docs and tried a few commands but it didn’t work…for me this would be the biggest time saver…I only use my crappy x86 laptop to do all my development work on, so the initial builds do take a while to do.
But there is the development section on this forum, so if you do get stuck building a component then give a shout out in that section of the forum for help. Peace :crazy_face:

I think I might have to go the route of trying to build a development PC/VM - Everytime I try and build I get some other error - webpack, react… 400 vulnerabilities found… I took the basic sample with the hello world and get a module cannot be found… It shouldn’t be this difficult. I even tried to download and build the UDMap sample and that blows up too.

But it could be my main PC as this install of Windows 10 has been around for 3years with a million customizations, apps and modules all over the place… no idea…

When I have some more free time I’ll see what I can do.

But I’m looking forward to your new daypicker module… I have a placeholder for it already in my UD :slight_smile:

Not going to tell any lies and say this was an easy process to get my head-around. But after 100+ builds I finally nailed it, and certain things clicked.
I mean I can’t say my way is the way to do it, but it works for me, and converts the react component to be integrated with UD and powershell parameters I pass.
I got 4 kids so had to do baths, dinner and lunches for tomorrow, but before I did that I made some amendments to the JSX file, having re-looked at my date picker component I already did. Well it looks like those changes paid off, as the value is now being updated on a change:-
So this component is pretty much good to go…I will look more into the documentation and work out if I need to add any additional props, but was going to name this New-UDSelectDateTime I know it’s a mouthful but as this will be the 3rd custom calendar component out there it needs to be distinct in what it does. :grinning:

nearly 2 months later…and it’s here :crazy_face:


the 400 vulnerabilities can be fixed by running 'npm audit fix ’ command and it will take care of those for you.
Note: you might end up with like 3 or 4 not fixed and you can ignore that or ignore any after you run this command.
when you build a component what matters is the pkgs you import in your .jsx file those are the pkgs that needs to be installed using npm for your dependencies to be exists for the import.
always look at the npm pkg you want to build for UD and you will always see an example of the developer .jsx file and pkgs were imported.

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Good Job adam its going to be useful for every one to use. Dont forget to list the jsx file so i can modify it if it needs some tweaks to make it better :grin:

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Am going to write 3 main topics that you can post on your blog that will be very useful for every one covering the following:

1- how to use UD in IIS step by step from ground 0
2- how to create your own custom dashboard and maintain it.
3- how to build and use a dashboard using powershell core .
so stay tuned.

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